I have a Microsoft flow configured on a SharePoint list item update. In that list I have a Status column with 5-6 choice values. On each Status update a specific mail should be triggered by flow.

When I update the item and wait for flow to trigger before next item update, it works perfectly.

But when the item is updated multiple times with in a minute like 1st update(Status1) then 2nd update(Status2) and so on, the MS Flow triggers only on the last modified item status. The earlier updates are skipped.

Is it the default behavior of Microsoft Flow or I should update the logic.

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This has been my experience in several O365 tenants, When the Flow trigger event happens in rapid succession you get this behavior. Flow seems to run on a 15 minute timer, so when you make multiple edits within 15 minutes you can't be sure what edits the Flow will run on.

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