I have a list in column A(an ID) that will display the description in column B(a name). I would like the data that will be put into column B to appear as I am selecting an ID in column A. Can this be done with the basic functionality of SharePoint online configurations? If so, how?

Right now, after the ID is selected in column A, column B remains blank, until the entire record is filled and saved. So there is no way for the user to verify that they chose correctly until after they have completed the action.

I want to change the functionality so that as they type in the ID number, the possible names will appear in column B.

Thanks in Advance! sharepoint online, am not allowed use of PowerApps

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    Why don't you switch them and have the user select column B (lookup column), then it can bring in the related ID column after save. – willman Feb 13 at 2:12

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