We have a library which is supposed to display data from our Infopath form to the user. I have been working on the InfoPath form for a while now. I decided to update the Library document template with the new version of the infoPath form yesterday. Publishing the form was fine, but when opening records on the site it gave an error saying 'correlation ID:4670349f-1fa2-00cd-6ff2-aa3b658e36d2'

This meant that the library view had a lot of missing data as the infopath forms did not open in the browser. I then reverted back to an older version of the InfoPath form by publishing the older one that was working to the library. I also reverted the Sharepoint library to an older version which was compatible with the form, and displayed all data as required.

The issue is now that the SharePoint Library does not display the form data, even though I have reverted the InfoPath form back to the old version, as well as reverting the SharePoint Library page back to an older, working version. It only displays form data in the library once I've gone into the record and 'refereshed' that particular record so that it fills in the SharePoint Library.

This was all triggered by me uploading a newer version of the InfoPath form, how could I fix this?

  • Did you add or change any column(Field Name) from the library? Could you tell more about the changes you made to the form? – DeividKamui Feb 12 at 10:54

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