I have one site which also contains one subsite. It works on local machine and is available from machine's IP (, but subsite is not accessible and gives 404.

What's wrong?

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Maybe someone (I mean a site owner at least) deleted your subsite and you got an orphan url. But as the above answer it is too little info


Go to [subsiteurl]/_layouts/settings.aspx

If you see this page under your subsite, It might be possible that the home page of subsite is deleted or dont have a published version.

If not, you don't have a working subsite.


Sorry to say, but that is too little information to really help you.

  • You could at first tell us what version and edition of SharePoint you use.
  • Then you could expain all the steps you have already gone though.
  • After that you may post what you found in the SharePoint log file (you find it in the log folder of your "hive" - e.g. "Program Files\Common files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\logs")

Also information about you DNS, HOSTS file and AAM (Alterlate access mapping in Central Admin) are key to help you.

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