I am working on JSON/column formatting. I want to show column data in barchart format.

(e.g. In below image Progress is the column name and 100/75/50/25 are four different items.)

I know we can create progress bar. But I do not know if it is possible to show data in bar chart format. If yes, then please suggest me on this.

Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

  • Do you want to create a horizontal bar? As given in example at: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/…. Let me know if this is what you are looking for. – Ganesh Sanap Feb 10 '20 at 15:26
  • I am little bit unclear here. Are you trying to render single column value in a graph as shown above in screenshot, or there are multiple columns which you want to place is this graph. Also, can you use predefine icons/images like shown in above screenshot? – ThinkB4Code Feb 10 '20 at 18:50
  • @ThinkB4Code I am trying to render single column in a grapgh. And bars of this graph will be filled based on the column value (25/50/75/100). The image in my question is cropped from one of the document. I am new to JSON scripting so I am not sure if I can use it. – Rohit Waghela Feb 11 '20 at 7:02

Thankyou for clarifications. I created a simple solution for column formatting. You can improve in CSS part, while I am using old school CSS to render the bar graphs. Below example have four bars, each representing 25% completion.

Use the below link to see code on Github Gist. https://gist.github.com/thinkb4code/0e11bb6c3a00555484260905a0d1198a

There are two files in it.

  1. bar-graph.html This is the basic HTML I used to render bar graph. For me column formatting start with basic HTML concept. First identify the design and then convert it to JSON schema.
  2. bar.graph.json This is the actual JSON schema we need to put as column formatting.

Here is the reference video for you, how this looks.

  • Thank you. I will try this and will let know. – Rohit Waghela Feb 12 '20 at 7:17
  • Thanks a lot. This solution really helped me :) – Rohit Waghela Mar 13 '20 at 7:26
  • 1
    You are welcome, sharing is caring :) – ThinkB4Code Mar 16 '20 at 17:26

If you want to create a horizontal bar inside your number column then try below code:

  "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/v2/column-formatting.schema.json",
  "elmType": "div",
  "children": [
      "elmType": "span",
      "txtContent": "@currentField + '%'",
      "style": {
        "padding-left": "8px",
        "white-space": "nowrap"
  "attributes": {
    "class": "sp-field-dataBars"
  "style": {
    "padding": "0",
    "width": "=if(@currentField >= 100, '100%', @currentField + '%')"

Reference: Create simple data visualizations.

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