There are required columns in my SharePoint online list and when I try to edit the list via 'quick edit' option by selecting it from the ribbon and if I miss any required field it highlights with the errors for missing the required columns in red exclamation mark.

Contrary, when I tried to enter multiple values in the datasheet view and miss any values it doesn't highlight any errors for missing the required columns.

We need datasheet view so that multiple people can enter values in the list in bulk and it would be convenient for them if default view of a list is a datasheet view.

  • I cannot reproduce this issue in my environment. Please confirm: 1. Are you using Quick Edit in the Datasheet View as well? 2. What is the type of the required column? 3. Are you running into this error in only one list or also in other lists? – Chelsea_MSFT Feb 10 at 9:23

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