In SharePoint Online I did the following:

  • Created a folder named "FolderA" in a DocLib
  • Set default column value "Division = IT" on "FolderA" through library settings
  • Renamed "FolderA" to "FolderARenamed"

I would have expected that in the default column value settings for "FolderARenamed" is now the default value "Division = IT".

In reality, the default column value setting is lost.

When I now create a new folder with the same name as the original "FolderA", this NEW folder gets the original default column value setting of "Division = IT".

I know why this happens

The default column values are stored in a file called client_LocationBasedDefaults.html in the hidden forms folder of the library. The client_LocationBasedDefaults.html references the folder by the "folder path" and not by a unique non-mutable column like "id".

<a href="/sites/Testsute/TestLib/FolderA">
  <DefaultValue FieldName="Division">3;#IT|ffffffd5-bde5-4c07-bbfc-ff3223eeffde</DefaultValue>

Correct would be:

<a href="/sites/Testsute/TestLib/FolderARenamed">
  <DefaultValue FieldName="Division">3;#IT|ffffffd5-bde5-4c07-bbfc-ff3223eeffde</DefaultValue>

This whole behavior leads to the following:

  • When a folder is renamed no default values are applied anymore.
  • When a folder has the same "folder path" as a previously configured folder, wrong default value is applied to this folder.


  • Is this a bug?
  • How could I mitigate this issue?
    • I think about configuring default column values outside of SharePoint...


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