i am new to sharepoint online. i am creating a timesheet in sharepoint list. Please help me with the below requirement.

Solution required:

I have two fields called week start and week end. User should not allow to submit 2 entries on the same week (Week start and week end).and the production hour should be more than 45 hrs.

Request your help on this. Techies..

enter image description here


It seems you will need to use List validation settings to do this. Go list setting>Validation settings, you can enter a formula validate user entries. Like this: enter image description here

In this way, users cannot add End date earlier than 14 days plus start date. The screenshot you upload is quite vague so i am not sure the columns you are using. But the option always doable. Production hours will be a bit hard to handle as SharePoint does not recognize working days. Here is an example: How to calculate number of working hours between 2 dates in a SharePoint Online List?

Other Examples about list formulas here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/examples-of-common-formulas-in-sharepoint-lists-d81f5f21-2b4e-45ce-b170-bf7ebf6988b3


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