I copied and pasted an .aspx file to my siteassets folder. When trying to access, I receive the "Sorry something went wrong. File Not Found." message. Is an .aspx page not a simple upload and click process?

  • please provide more information about your aspx file, how did you create it, in which environment you are trying to access it ? – Karthik Jaganathan Jan 31 at 7:21
  • Thanks for replying. I didn't create it. We received it from another person. They sent via email attachment, we downloaded it, and we click and drag into our site assets folder. The file has all the ASP.Net delimiters in the code and it's referencing javascripts and css files on their server. So I know we have to change that. Both environments are 2013. New to SharePoint, but now, I assume it's not a simple drag and drop. Do we need to do something in Designer? – adams-j Jan 31 at 15:22
  • One other thing, we put it in the Site Pages Library. Not sure if we need to put in a Document's library. – adams-j Jan 31 at 16:14
  • Ok, goto SharePoint designer, create new Aspx page and it will come with predefined lines, don't remove it. Copy the content for your page and put it into the newly created Aspx page and save it. Then open that page in browser – Karthik Jaganathan Jan 31 at 16:26
  • Ok, just place the content only from the old minus the delimiters and add it into the new page under the new page's delimiter? – adams-j Jan 31 at 16:38

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