I have a choice column (Required Checks) with CheckA, CheckB, and CheckC as options; multiple options is turned on.

I have another choice column (Verdict) with Approved and Denied. (and other options, but we are keeping this simple).

I would like to only allow the Approved choice in the Verdict column... IF everything in the Required Checks are selected. In other words, they can only select Approved in the Verdict column if they have already selected CheckA, CheckB, and CheckC in the "Required Checks" column.

Optionally, I'd love to just give them a warning, but still let them select Approved.

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Unfortunately, your requirements can't be achieved using column validation.

Please check this article: https://spgeeks.devoworx.com/supported-fields-in-calculated-column-sharepoint/

The Choice field with Checkboxes (allow multiple selections) is not allowed in the SharePoint Validation Settings and the Calculated field.

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