I am working on SharePoint notifications. To accomplish this, I am using Webhooks. I have used the steps of Get started with SharePoint webhooks.

My procedure is as followed:

Step 1: I Register an Azure AD application for Postman client using Permissions for app

Step 2: I built a webhook receiver (Model and controller names are same as given reference).

Step 3: Debugged the webhook receiver and got port number: 51808.

Step 4: Ran ngrok proxy and got http://xxxxxx.ngrok.io -> http://localhost:51808

Step 5: Added a webhook subscription to SharePoint using Postman and the following output Post request output.

Step 6: Tried to add data on SharePoint site and added a breakpoint on the following line of code:

var requestContent = Request.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;

I have waited more than 5 minutes for the breakpoint to be hit but it is hitting. What have I done wrong in this procedure? Why my breakpoint is not hitting?

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