I have a large document library which holds currently 1000+ files. Some of these files are important announcements, so my plan was to have a separate list to show them.

For example. The list would pull in the name of a document using lookup. Which I have done. I then have a choice column to set to either, Current, Superseded or Withdrawn. Then finally a third column which once again pulls in a list of names from the same library.

The plan would be to pick a document, say Announcement222, this would appear in the list as a clickable link which opens the file directly. I would change another column to Superseded and then pick another file, Announcement224.

This would in 3 columns show users what announcements are active and if any are superseded, by why document.

Is all this possible using SharePoint?

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Rather than a separate list, you should just use a listview webpart filtered to the files you want to show.

For guidance on creating filtered views, see this link.

For displaying a list view on another page, see here for modern pages and here for classic pages.

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