I have a site collection in SharePoint 2016 with the following URL.


and I have created a page test.aspx and with managed path it generates the following URL.


But I want to generate a URL like the following:


skipping the sites/testclassic portion in the URL.

How can I achieve that? Is it possible to skip the /sites portion in SharePoint? If Yes, how can I do it?
Thanks in advance.

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You can do this by creating managed paths, specifically an Explicit inclusion. You would first need to define this managed path using central administration, then create a site collection using this. This would give your site the url https://xyz.com/testpage, and the home page of that site would be accessible using that url directly.

If you just want a single page to have this url you would have to create the page on the root site collection directly.


You cannot skip managed path /sites/testclassic/.

If you want a page like https://xyz.com/testpage , you must create the page under root site i.e. https://xyz.com/.

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