I want to check the SharePoint group exist or not using MS flow.

If it exists then do not to create group else create a new SharePoint group using ms flow.

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There is no OOTB action in Microsoft flow/ Power Automate to check if the SharePoint Group is present or not.

So, you need to use Send an HTTP Request to SharePoint action with below URL to check if SharePoint Group is exists or not.

/_api/web/sitegroups?$select=Title&$filter=Title eq 'Site Owners'

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Expression in "Set Variable" action:


Expression in "Condition":


If the result of condition is If yes that means the group does not exist in SharePoint. So, you can create your group in this If yes block.

To create a SharePoint Group and assign permissions check below article by Siddharth Vaghasia:

SharePoint Group Operations In Microsoft Flow.

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