My current sharepoint domain name is in the following format: apple571.sharepoint.com.

In my office 365 admin center, I have already gone to Settings > Domains to change the default domain from apple571.onmicrosoft.com to orange.com. However, my sharepoint domain remains unchanged.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a new feature and procedure, follow steps here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/tenant-rename


I know this not the answer you wanted, but SharePoint online does not have any mechanism to change the domain. Your SharePoint domain will be [tenantname].SharePoint.com, and there's nothing you can do about. Cnames and other DNS aliasing doesn't work either. You can obviously set up a redirect from a friendlier domain to your SharePoint.com domain, but that's about the best you can do.

If you want, you be one of thousands to vote for this feature on uservoice: https://sharepoint.uservoice.com/forums/329214-sites-and-collaboration/suggestions/13217277-enable-renaming-the-spo-tenant-domain


Unfortunately, it isn't possible to change the SharePoint Online domain name for your organization in Office 365.

To use the new domain name, you would need to purchase a new Office 365 subscription and move all email, files, and any other data you want to keep to the new subscription.




Well, now you can change domain. The feature comes with limitations, and is in public preview.

I'm gonna try this for the first time shortly. :)



The answer is we cannot change the domain name after the subscription... if you want to use new domain name - you need to subscribe one more time with the new domain in Office 365.

As per Microsoft rules are as below :

You can't rename the onmicrosoft domain after sign-up. For example, if the initial domain you chose was fourthcoffee.onmicrosoft.com, you can't change it to be fabrikam.onmicrosoft.com. To use a different onmicrosoft.com domain, you'd have to start a new subscription with Office 365.

You can't rename your team site URL. Your team site URL is based on your onmicrosoft.com domain name. Unfortunately, because of the way SharePoint Online architecture works, you can't rename the team site.

You can't remove your onmicrosoft domain. Office 365 needs to keep it around because it's used behind the scenes for your subscription. But you don't have to use the domain yourself after you've added a custom domain.

More on the above description is below :

Domains FAQ

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