I created a list in Sharepoint where one of the columns looks for values from another list.

I'm using this list in Microsoft Teams to be populated, but when I select the corresponding column field, the first option that appears is (None).

This field is required, but is it possible to remove this option (None)? example

Even if someone tries to select this option the list warns that "You can't leave this blank", but I still would like to remove this option.


Go to your 'source column' that contains your values. Then filter on the blanks; add values to the blank items.

Then in your 'other column' that re-uses these values you will find that the option (none) has disappeared. In your source column, you can change the column settings to make it a Required field - this way users will not leave it blank.

  • Hi @Tally, In fact, I made a mistake: I created a list in Sharepoint where one of the columns looks for values from another list, not from another column. – DalPai Jan 16 '20 at 14:53
  • OK, well the advice remains the same - can you go to the source list, find the column which you are using for your look-up column values; then filter on the blanks and fill in values there? There are 3rd party look-up columns (Sparqube is the name) that allow you to filter out blanks, but the standard ones will not permit this. Even a "blank" value is a value, hence it is normal that your look-up shows the (none) option. – Tally Jan 16 '20 at 15:44
  • What a shame. I will have to live with (none) then :( – DalPai Jan 16 '20 at 17:17

I have done a test in my SharePoint online, when create a lookup column, it is by designer that there will be "None" option in modern experience, it cannot be removed in modern experience.

If we set the lookup column as a required column, there is no "None" option in classic experience.

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