Yet another noob trying to figure things out in SharePoint.

My task is to create a workflow that tracks the progress of an employee through our training process. It has three main steps and each one has several sub-tasks within each, that need to be completed (in any order,) before progressing to the next step. At the completion of each step, I would like an e-mail to be sent to their prospective manager, mentor, and myself and a separate e-mail sent to the trainee, explaining next steps. The first two steps do not need approval... e-mail would just be a notification of how they're progressing and to check in with the trainee.

Final step would need approval by manager, mentor, and myself to finalize training.

So far I have created a form in InfoPath and connected it to a document library in SP. I have all items that need to be completed as complete/incomplete that the trainee can save and update as needed. I can then go through the document library and see what's done and what isn't.

Being a noob, I'm not sure how to connect the workflow to the form (or if I just need to start from scratch.)

Thank you so much for your time and any input you may provide.

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