I use this to get the current date with one month added to it:

var date = new Date();
day = date.getDate();
month = date.getMonth() + 1;
month = month + 1;
if((String(day)).length == 1)
    day = '0' + day;
if((String(month)).length == 1)
    month = '0' + month;

dateT = day+ '.' + month + '.' + date.getFullYear();
console.log("dateT: " + dateT);

Using console.log("dateT: " + dateT); I get 14.02.2020.

I have a method that adds an element to a list on SharePoint.

There I use var posDeliveryDate = dateT; and then oListItem.set_item('DeliveryDate', posDeliveryDate);, but I get the error that the String was not recognized as a valid datetime.

I've seen that there are lots of threads regarding this issue, but what do I have to change in my case?

I tried day = date.getDate().toDateString(); but that didn't help and I can't use DateTime.ParseExact() in JavaScript..

Even when I manually enter a date, such as "14.02.2020" instead of posDeliveryDate, I get the error.

2 weeks ago the code worked, but now suddenly I get the error


Use the below lines of code:

dateT =new Date(date.getFullYear(),month, day) ;
var posDeliveryDate = dateT;
oListItem.set_item('DeliveryDate', posDeliveryDate);

Now the dateT will be in the correct format to be inserted into SharePoint list.

For more information, refer below link:

Updating a list item using date() function.

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    Again, you saved me hours of trial and error. Thanks a lot !! – Ramanujan Taylor Jan 14 at 17:32

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