I've a SPO site with a folder for attachments (images) and a document (Word, Excel or PP) in which I linked these attachments by option "Get a link": when I cut and paste attachments in a different folder these links keep on working but when I use the action "Move to" in a Logic App these links stop to work, clicking on it SPO can't find the resource.

How can I solve? Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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I test in my SharePoint Online environment but cannot reproduce your issue. The link still works after I use "Move to" button to move to another folder.

Whether all the files have this issue?

If the issue exists when you move to another library? Try to create a new library and check again.

Who would you like this link work for when you get the link?

  • Your answer let me hope but I need to give more details. My SPO is set to Classic Experience and so I don't have any "Move to" button. Besides of it I don't need to move a file by SPO UI but by a Logic App that manages a workflow and the Action "Move To" can't save the url got by "Get a link": when I paste the old url SPO says it can't find the resource. I tried to use Rest API "moveto" (by PostMan, it is faster to explore): it works perfectly to move files within the same Document Library but… I continue in the next comment... Commented Jan 15, 2020 at 9:42
  • ... when I ask for moving files to another Document Library I get this message: ` { "odata.error": { "code": "-2130246234, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException", "message": { "lang": "en-US", "value": "This operation is not supported." } } }` . I hope you can help. Commented Jan 15, 2020 at 9:43

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