Using SPO, I create a Quick Links web part (on a Modern page), add a link, select Site, and pick a video (MP4) file from a Document Library on the site.

The link appears, I can choose a thumbnail, etc. However, clicking it does nothing at all except it sometimes scrolls the window to place that link at the top.

Oddly enough, at least in Firefox if I press F5 to reload, then the video loads. This is inexplicable to me.

If, instead of using the Site option when adding a link, I use From link and paste in the link from the Document Library's "Copy Link" function, everything works.

SharePoint bug? Is there a workaround?

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You can try the below steps, it is working in chrome, Mozilla and IE.

Show a selected YouTube video

Using this connection we can display the selected video in the “Embed” web part. To do this follow the below steps:

Add the below two web parts as like above image web part:

  1. List web part and choose the list “Test Video List”
  2. Add an Embed webpart.

Step 1 :

Adding List Web Part with “Test Video List”:

Show selected video in SharePoint online webpart

Step 2:

Adding an Embed web part and select “Test Video List” from connect to source drop down list as like below:

Show selected video in SharePoint online webpart


Fill the above embed code box with the below content where $VideoID is a variable that represents VideoID column in “Test Video List”.


Step 3:

Then we’ll see the below screen.

Show selected video in SharePoint online webpart

Step 4:

To verify the connection select any video from the “List” web part that will be displayed in the “Embed” web part as like below.

Show selected video in SharePoint online webpart

For more details, please refer the below article:

SharePoint Online: Connect web parts in SharePoint Online – O365

  • None of this has anything to do with my question, which was specifically about the Quick Links web part and video in a Document Library.
    – CarlF
    Commented Jan 13, 2020 at 1:21

There is another approach using MS stream. You can upload the video to stream and use the link to video or embed the video to your modern page.

I tested with it and it seems Chrome still has some issue with it. Edge works perfect. You may be better to open a service request about this issue.

  • This doesn't answer my actual question. I do not have access to embedding or MS Stream, and in any case talking about other solutions (which aren't even SharePoint) rather misses the point.
    – CarlF
    Commented Jan 13, 2020 at 16:54

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