I have sharepoint 2016 in azure cloud (installed on VM in the cloud). I have 2 custom lists in the same site collection - list A and list B with the same collumns. I need to sync any changes on items (added, deleted, updated) made in list A to list B. Is there any OOTB solution (also interested on SP2019)? So far i checked:

  • MS Flow - i have account to Office365, can start to build Flow but it says the site collection is not available (although it's reachable on public internet)... how can i use the ms flow?

  • I may implement a small app in C# using CSOM and schedule to perform sync lets say every 5 min. Or maybe create event handlers - how can I deploy them to the server?

  • any other idea? use SP Designer 2013 to create workflows



As the SharePoint 2016 farm is built in the VM, you cannot use your O365 flow service in a different on-premise farm.

Microsoft Flow is a cloud service. You can use it against SharePoint 2016 however you must deploy the Data Management Gateway and use that gateway when making connections from Flow.

There are limitations when using the Data Management Gateway with SharePoint 2016; namely (last I tried) it could not resolve MMS fields.

Reference:Using Flow on SharePoint 2016 on prem

For updating list item in another site collection, it may be better to build a workflow calling HTTP service and use the rest api to update.





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