I'm a newbee to SP. I have a list that has following columns in my custom list in Sharepoint Online.

Start Date
End Date
and so on...

PrjStatus is a choice column with values (INTAKE, ACTIVE, HOLD, COMPLETE, DUPLICATE)

If the user selects 'COMPLETE' for this field, then when he tries to save, it has to check if the 'End Date' & 'SummaryLink' columns has values. If they have values, then the row gets saved. Otherwise a custom message should come up and it shouldn't let the user save.

I tried various things by setting formulas in column validtion on the PrjStatus column but none of them are working. Pls advice.

I'm using this formula, but it isn't working giving the following error

=IF([Project Status]="COMPLETE",AND(NOT(ISBLANK([SummaryLink])),NOT(ISBLANK([End Date]))),TRUE)

Error received

The formula cannot refer to another column.  Check the formula for spelling mistakes or update the formula to reference only this column

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Don't create formulas in column validation on the PrjStatus column, because the formula cannot refer to another column.

You can create list validation.

Navigate to list settings->Validation settings->create the following formula->save:

=IF(PrjStatus="COMPLETE",AND(NOT(ISBLANK(SummaryLink)),NOT(ISBLANK([End Date]))),TRUE)

enter image description here

  • Thankyou Lisa. I'm trying to navigate but I don't see any 'Validation Settings' under List Settings. I'm on SHarepoint online. I clicked on the gear icon at teh top --> List settings, and this is the page I see. THere's no validation settings here (unfortunately I'm not able to paste the image here, but here's the settings I have -----General Settings List name, description and navigation Versioning settings Advanced settings Rating settings Audience targeting settings Metadata navigation settings Per-location view settings Form settings
    – Ravi
    Jan 10, 2020 at 18:48

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