I have created a survey in SharePoint 2013 and the users are able to respond to the survey.

However, in case the user saves a partial survey the user has to Navigate to View All Response and Edit the response to continue the survey.

Is there a way where the Respond to Survey recognizes the partial response and directly edits the survey?

Please Help.

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There is no direct way to navigation to edit a response and edit it.

As a workaround, you can create a SharePoint Designer workflow and send an mail with the edit link to the submitter. Then the submitter could edit the response directly via the link.

Steps for your reference:
1. Edit a response and copy the address link.
The link should be like:
2. Create a SharePoint Designer workflow for your survey list.
3. Insert "Send an Email" action into it.
4. Edit the action, set "To" to Created By:
enter image description here 5. Set Subject and body as your requirement.
6. select the area that you want to put the link and set the link as:

enter image description here

Note: The URL in the String Builder is the copied link in the step1. You need to change "ID=xx" to "CurrentItem:ID".
7. Set the workflow automatically start when an item is created.
8. Publish the workflow

The email that submitter received is like:
enter image description here

Please have a try and let's know the result.

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