This is my Function :

function RetrieveNewChange(ChangeID) {
var getItemsUrl = "/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle('" + ChangeList + "')/items?$select=ID,Title,Employee/Id,Employee/Title,Employee/FullName&$expand=Employee&$filter=(ID eq " + ChangeID + ")";
var promise = $.ajax({
    url: _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + getItemsUrl,
    type: "GET",
    headers: {
        "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
    success: function (data) {

        if (data.d.results.length > 0) {
            var ArrayRetrieved = data.d.results[0];

            $('#lookup option[value="' + ArrayRetrieved.Employee.FullName + '"]').prop('selected', true)

    error: function (error) {
        console.log("Error on Retrieve Change");

But it don't work! I dont get the "ArrayRetrieved.Employee.FullName" value in the dropdown list! Please help.

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Suppose you're setting lookup field selected value, use developer tool to check the dropdown value property(provide more details if not help).

enter image description here

//MyLookup is lookup field name, 7 is lookup item id.

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