I am using InfoPath to create a custom form when users add items to a list. I am using views and my own submit button so I don't want the ribbon to be visible. How to hide it? Thanks

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From the List's ribbon select: Customize List | Form Web Parts | Content Type Forms | New Form | Edit Web Part

Then Uncheck: Show InfoPath Ribbon or toolbar


you can also paste the following code, on the a content editor inside embadede code, with this u can even get show hide options

<script type="text/javascript" unselectable="on">
function ShowRibbonRow() 
{$("#s4-ribbonrow").show(); }
function HideRibbonRow() 
{ $("#s4-ribbonrow").hide(); }
<div class="w-Ribbon" unselectable="on">
<a onclick="Javascript:ShowRibbonRow();" href="#" unselectable="on">Show</a>
<a onclick="Javascript:HideRibbonRow();" href="#" unselectable="on">Hide</a>

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