I have changed My Sharepoint2013 Server Name And Restore in New Serve And After Restoring I have Problem With SharePoint List Workflow And its Show Me an Error About Condition Clause A thing That I Need To Mention IS Just About Windows Server 2008 To 2012 ANd As I Said Change The Server Name. Its work on OLD Server Correctly let Me Show The Workflow And Its Error In Snapshotenter image description here

Error enter image description here

if i remove If Clause It will be publish correctly !! Can Anyone Help Me to Solve This Error????? thanks a lot.


Try to add the necessary authorized Types to all web applications' web.config files.

More information you can check the similar post: Workflows - Sharepoint Designer 2013

  • thanks you ,worked for me – user88323 Jan 9 at 15:09
  • I'm glad to help you. You can mark my post as answer if it helps. Thanks for your understanding. – Hellofiona_MSFT Jan 10 at 1:02

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