I have a SP list where one of the columns is multi-line I have therefore set the style of this specific column as "height":"auto" which works perfectly for this column.

I then have other formatted columns which change color based on their values however the div is a fixed height. I want the height of the div to equal the height of the list item. I have tried using "height":"100%" and "auto" and neither work.

Is there a way I can reference the height of the list item or even reference the height of another column withing the list?

I am using JSON column formatting for this task and I do not have access to SharePoint Designer.

SP list with dynamic height


It is Not Possible using column formatting, you cannot access the CSS properties of other columns.

Using column formatting, You can only access the column values from the same list item/row like [$AnotherColumnFromSameRow].

Where AnotherColumnFromSameRowis internal name another column from same list item/row.


You need to use the View Formatting and define the look and feel for the complete row on your own (Note that you will loose some of the default functionalities given by SharePoint).


  1. Use view formatting to customize SharePoint.
  2. View formatting Samples.
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    Thanks, I don't think what I am trying to achieve is possible in this case because I already have an AdditionalRowClass which would be overwritten. I can live without the boxes stretching down anyway :) – GFinlay Jan 6 '20 at 13:48

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