My Customer shared the Folder in SharePoint for me. I have the access to this folder, I have the permissions for the file editing and uploading into this shared folder.

But I have no availability to open these shared documents in the App (Word or Excel): This is what I see in **shared** folder

And this is the similar screen for my SharePoint Folder.

enter image description here

Could you help me and my Customer with this issue. I'm developing the complicated system to update some files using his master files so I need the full access to the files.

The problem is hard due I never worked with SharePoint before and Customer has not much knowledge about the sharing, rights, permissions etc.



Could the customer see the option "Open in app"?

Try to ask your customer to give your full control to this folder.

1.Click manage access of this folder:

enter image description here

2.Then click advanced:

enter image description here

3.Then give you full control on this foler:

enter image description here

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