I have to import so many views of a specific list (200+-) in SharePoint 2010.

I add the views to a wiki page with a web part list, but the web part list dropdown "Selected View" in the "Show Views" section of the Properties of the Web Part, doesn't show all the views, and i need to add all the views

How i can view all the views of the list? Or how i can add the WebPart views with CSOM? (I have certain knowledge in that, so if i can do that, since it is mechanical work it would be better).

The step to step of the work is:

  • Add WebPart List
  • Change the View of the list, the name of the WebPart and the audience
  • Apply changes
  • Add another and so on.

Thanks in advance boys, i love you


To set audience for a list web par, you could refer to here:


    $List = $context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("ListName")

    $Pages = $List.RootFolder.Files

    $Page = $Pages | Where {$_.Name -eq "ViewName"}

    $WPM       = $Page.GetLimitedWebPartManager("Shared")

    $WebParts = $WPM.WebParts

    $WebPart = $WebParts[0]

    $WebPart.WebPart.Properties["AuthorizationFilter"] = "My Group"


To change the view, here is a demo for your reference:

Powershell CSOM to change web part view

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