We are developing one power-apps portal. We have custom Web Pages, Web Forms, Page Templates, Custom CSS, JavaScript & Image files in the portal. Also having some portal configuration like, Website settings, Entity permissions, Web Roles, Bindings.

I wanted to know about, how to deploy all these portal files, customization & configuration from development environment to production environment?

This MSDN article is related to migrating portal configurations but I want to know about entire portal deployment.

Any help will be appreciated

  • You've posted in SharePoint.stackexchange, but PowerApps Portals are a Dynamics365 capability. This does not appear to be a SharePoint-related question -- should this be posted in Stackoverflow instead? – willman Jan 2 at 17:33
  • Hey @SPDeveloper did you find the way to do it? – little_big_thoughts Feb 25 at 18:37

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