After change from MS Flow to Automate Microsoft Disabled one test parameter.

Now there are only two test option - Where is the third option?

enter image description here

How to re-run Workflow with last data?

Please help.

  • Which was the 3rd option you are talking about? – Ganesh Sanap Dec 30 '19 at 11:52

You can run test flow with previous run data using 2nd option in the attached screenshot: Use data from previous runs.

enter image description here

For more information, check the official documentation at: Test flows with previous run data.

  • Yes, but there is only 5. And I want more – Grzegorz Z Dec 30 '19 at 14:13
  • And where the third option. Why it is hidden ? – Grzegorz Z Dec 30 '19 at 14:13
  • Can you please tell us the title of the 3rd option you were seeing before? What was it called? – Ganesh Sanap Dec 30 '19 at 14:22

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