Is there a method to get term URL in taxonomy in SharePoint TermStore using PnPJS library?

I am using this code to retreive term Name, Parent and ID:

export interface IPTerm {
parent?: string;
id: string;
name: string;
url: string;

export interface ITaxonomyPopulatorState {
  terms: IPTerm[];

public async getTermsetWithChildren(): Promise<IPTerm[]> {
    let tms: IPTerm[] = [];
    return new Promise<any[]>((resolve, reject) => {
      const tbatch = taxonomy.createBatch();
      return taxonomy.termStores.getByName("Taxonomy_InjkMqAvKdUBok59vNz/Mg==").get().then((resp1: ITermStore) => {
        return resp1.getTermGroupById("7bdebaed-a684-4682-a5a6-6c1f1e976641").termSets.get().then((resp2: ITermSet[]) => {
          resp2.forEach((ele: ITermSet) => {
            ele.terms.select('Name', 'Id', 'Url').inBatch(tbatch).get().then((resp3: ITerm[]) => {
              resp3.forEach((t: ITerm) => {
                let ip1 = {
                  parent: ele['Name'],
                  name: t['Name'],
                  id: t['Id'].replace("/Guid(", "").replace(")/", ""),

          tbatch.execute().then(_r => {


Iterm interface:

export interface ITerm extends IClientSvcQueryable {
    readonly labels: ILabels;
    readonly parent: ITerm;
    readonly pinSourceTermSet: ITermSet;
    readonly reusedTerms: ITerms;
    readonly sourceTerm: ITerm;
    readonly terms: ITerms;
    readonly termSet: ITermSet;
    readonly termSets: ITermSets;
    createLabel(name: string, lcid: number, isDefault?: boolean): Promise<ILabelData & ILabel>;
    deprecate(doDeprecate: boolean): Promise<void>;
    get(): Promise<(ITermData & ITerm)>;
    addTerm(name: string, lcid: number, isAvailableForTagging?: boolean, id?: string): Promise<ITerm & ITermData>;
    getDescription(lcid: number): Promise<string>;
    setDescription(description: string, lcid: number): Promise<void>;
    setLocalCustomProperty(name: string, value: string): Promise<void>;
    update(properties: {
        Name: string;
    }): Promise<ITermData & ITerm>;

Check Term.LocalCustomProperties._Sys_Nav_TargetUrl

My debug screenshot:

enter image description here


The interface defined in pnpsp.

import { taxonomy, ITermStore, ITermSet, ITerms, ITermData, ITerm } from "@pnp/sp-taxonomy";
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  • Can you please show me your Iterm interface. I will update the post to show mine. – bAbdenour Dec 31 '19 at 11:36
  • Check my update. – Lee_MSFT Jan 2 at 1:16
  • I can retrieve Simple link from _Sys_Nav_SimpleLinkUrl, but _Sys_Nav_TargetUrl returns nothing ; why? I would like to use Friendy URL – bAbdenour Jan 5 at 12:24
  • Check term.LocalCustomProperties._Sys_Nav_FriendlyUrlSegment – Lee_MSFT Jan 6 at 2:39
  • I tried that, but it does not work :/ Is there any other manipulation to do in the term store management ? – bAbdenour Jan 6 at 3:34

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