I want to get distinct value in PowerApps where Active (choice column)="Yes", trying below but I am not getting correct value it returns false value:

Distinct(Filter(Splist, Active =true),'spsinglelinetextcolumn') 

Try it in below format:

Distinct(Filter(DataSource, Condition),ColumnToBeSelected)

Source: Distinct values on a filtered drop down.


You have data source, SPList and a choice column (Active) with text value of Yes. Then you can use it something like below:

Distinct(Filter(SPList, Active = "Yes"), ColumnToBeSelected)

official documentations:

  1. Distinct function
  2. Filter function
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  • It's the same formula in the question, what's the new in your answer? How is it accepted? 😮 – Miguel Isidoro Dec 23 '19 at 6:42
  • I gave an idea of the formula format as well as the official documentations on how to use the distinct and filter functions in powerapps, which is enough to understand what is the problem in current formula. Also, adding an example for reference if you don't understand the official documentations :) – Ganesh Sanap Dec 23 '19 at 6:50
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    Are you serious? It's clear, the user don't need to know the formula syntax, he already knows it and the evidence is it is written in his question with the correct parameters , but his problem was in the condition logic! you didn't point him to this point, so you didn't add something new! It's not considered an answer to the question! 😑 How is it accepted 🌚 – Miguel Isidoro Dec 23 '19 at 7:01


I just needed to use <> instead of =.

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