I'm fairly new to SharePoint designer and I am trying to create a workflow that will send an automatic email whenever I create a new document in a specific folder in SharePoint 2013.

Getting SharePoint to send an automatic email is not the issue, the issue is I have 15 folders and each folder has the same file that gets updated automatically every other day.

With that being said, I'm getting the same 15 emails all the time. What I would like is for SharePoint to just send one email versus 15. Can anyone tell me how I can do that?

Here is the formula that I used to get SharePoint to send an automatic email every time a new item is created:

If Current Item:Created equals created
 then Email these users

But this generates a new email every time a new item is created in each of the 15 folders. I just need one email to be sent. I tried to use the following formula:

If Current Item:Created equals value
  then Email these users

But I need to change value to a specific file name. Please advise.

Thank you

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Whenever you create a new document, add additional metadata in the library. I have given the steps below.


  1. Add Yes/No data type field in the library and named it Send an Email(Default value NO)
  2. When you create a new document, you should change the field Send an Email value to Yes
  3. In the workflow you should add these condition and send an email to users If Current Item:SendanEmail equals Yes then Email these users
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If you want to just one email to be sent, You need to add conditions to limit whether to send e-mails.

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