I am an Admin for SP2010, SP2013 and SP2016 on-premise farm and I never use SP online before.

Recently I am checking the ability of SharePoint PnP PowerShell and found it also support SP2016 on-premise. There are some cmdlet related with Custom Action. But I am uncertain what is the definition of "custom action" now and I fail to find the definition in Microsoft website (maybe because the keyword "custom" and "action" is too generic).

My understanding can be summarized in below screenshot from SPD 2013.

SPD 2013 custom action

In our farm, several subsites have added custom actions on ribbon bar and list item menu using SPD 2013. However running Get-PnPCustomAction do not return anything.

My questions are: 1. Could I manage the custom action added by SPD using Get-PnPCustomAction? 2. What is "Custom Action" now?

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Check below official documentations to Get, Add and Remove custom actions.

You will also find the Parameters required for each command and different examples for the same:

  1. Get-PnPCustomAction.
  2. Add-PnPCustomAction.
  3. Remove-PnPCustomAction.

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