I have a list used for scheduling appointments. Each item in the list is an appointment date/time. Column A is a Number column indicating the total number of appointment slots, Column B is a calculated Lookup column that results in the total number of appointments that have been scheduled for that time. Finally, there's a Status column indicating whether or not the date/time is "Active" or "Full." A list item is "Active" when there are appointment slots available, and "Full" when there are none. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Let's say there are 8 appointment slots available (Column A) on 10/12 at 9am and 3 appointments have been scheduled (Column B). I need a way to compare the value in Column B (3) to the value in Column A (8) and automatically set the Status of the item to "Full" once Column B reaches the limit set in Column A.

Can anyone share a way to get the value of the Lookup column (Column B) so that I can compare it to the value in Column A in a 2013 Workflow and set the Status accordingly?

I have tried having my current 2013 Workflow set a separate text field to the current item's Column B value to no avail. The text field is never set to the value in Column B.

Everything we have is on-prem, we don't have O365, so I don't have any of the newer functionality such as Microsoft Flows.

Thank you for any/all help.

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If I understood you right, I think you just need to add If condition to compare the value of Column A with the value of column B (Lookup field) in the current list items.


  • Add IF condition.
  • In If condition, Set the first value to column A.
  • Set the second value of the lookup column (Column B) as shown below.

enter image description here

Finally, use the "Set Field in Current Item" to set the status value if the condition is correct!

enter image description here

Check also, Using Lookup Field in SharePoint Workflow

  • Thank you for the reply Mohamed! I've actually reviewed that blog post of yours multiple times. I'll try to clarify. Column B is a Lookup field which is referencing the "Title" field of another list and counting the related items in that list. As a result, Column B is the total number of appointments scheduled for a date/time. When I try to have the workflow compare Column B to Column A (a number field manually set to the number of appointment slots available), it doesn't work as it never actually gets the value from Column B.
    – Andy-Wan
    Dec 19, 2019 at 1:29

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