We are facing the following issue:

We have a SharePoint 2013 farm and users have Office Pro Plus 2016 as well as Project Standard 2016 installed (both 32bit).

When opening a task list in SharePoint and clicking "Open with Project" we get the following error message:

enter image description here

Unfortunately I do not have access to Project Professional 2016 at this point so i can't check if that would work.

We tried setting the IE's compatibility mode to v9 (as suggested on some blogs) and lower - to no avail.

We also checked with KB4022217 but we already had that installed.

My question: Do we need Project Professional 2016 to open task lists in project or are we missing a feature / setting here to make it work with the Standard edition?


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To use "Open with Project", you need to have Project Professional installed on your computer for that to work.

Two articles for your reference:
How to Sync MS Project with SharePoint
Sync with a SharePoint tasks list

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