Looking for feedback from the community. has anyone use a forms solution (3rd Party) that is not too expensive and can do following: (The PowerApps solution is coming out to be too expensive with the number is users) - Create Custom forms - Ability of do some branding - Has capability to built calculated fields - Can pull data from lookup list - Can be saved as pdf - has e-signature capability - has password protection capability - works great with MS Flow/Automate thanks for your feedback!


You can use OOB tools/ methods to customize form:

  • InfoPath
  • Custom .NET SharePoint Forms
  • SharePoint Forms Designer

To get other third party tools for form solution, you can check the following articles:

5 alternatives to InfoPath for SharePoint forms

Top Infopath Forms Replacements For Sharepoint

The Best Free Forms Solution for SharePoint

Third Party Tool disclaimer: While Microsoft supports and encourages open-source software development, it does not provide technical support for the softwares from third parties, nor does it guarantee that the software will work as described.


If you are using SharePoint online, the quickest and easiest solution is Microsoft Office Forms. It doesn't have a ton of branding/customization options, but it is quick and easy to get up and running and integrated with Power Automate (Flow).

On the other end of the complexity spectrum, you can create a custom list to hold the information you want, then develop an SPFx custom webpart to control the input. This could have a high initial development cost, but there are no additional per user recurring costs. The data in your SharePoint list then has all the normal connectivity points to Power Automate.

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