While adding app to subsite (through Site Contents > Add an app), we are getting a message "We're adding your app, Click to cancel" for few seconds and then throws an error as mentioned in Title.

We compared the ULS logs with working environment and found that everything is same except the below lines.

SharePoint Foundation   Claims Authentication   amge4   Verbose SPFederationAuthenticationModule.IsRedirectToLogOnPage: This is a 302 redirect to <subsite URL>/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx#newest

SharePoint Foundation   Claims Authentication   amge7   Medium  SPFederationAuthenticationModule.IsRedirectToLogOnPage: Detected a redirection but the redirect is not to a known signin page: <subsite URL>/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx#newest

We have checked and ensured that all required services and service applications are up and running. Appreciate any suggestions to resolve this issue.

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