OK, now I really need some expert help, because this problem makes me crazy and I will soon rip all the hair off my head...

So, I'm helping one with their (old) Sharepoint 2010 farm. When the user logs in to the SP2010, they authenticate as System Account - but ONLY in the document library. Everywhere else they authenticate as the AD user. The effect of this is that when they upload any new document to the library it sats modified by System Account, which gets very confusing. Also, if you click Get properties is says Created by The User, and the modified by System Account the same minute.

Worth to mention: it says System Account in the upper right corner, and changes tp the domain user when I'm outside the document library.

I have checked the following:

  • The account is not set as a managed account in CA

  • The account(s) is not even present under User Policy in Application Management (and therefor not have the "Account operates as System" checked).

  • There is no workflow activated

  • The user is not local admin in the Sharepoint server

  • The user DO have Full Control on the webapp

  • I have also tried to login as different user, authenticate as the domain user but still I'm System Account.

Any ideas?! I'm out of them.

  • Check are there any event receivers registered in document library? What the master page is using - standard or custom? – Raf Dec 11 '19 at 4:14

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