I'm using SharePoint Online. Users are able to create their own sites or to create site with Microsoft Teams.

Is it possible to notify with an e-mail a specific user (or a group of users) when a new site is created? And is it possible to do the same when/if the site is deleted?

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According to my research, there are no triggers or settings for creating site in SharePoint.

I recommend that you trigger flow by clicking the create site button then send email to group or a specific user.

SharePoint Online: Trigger a Microsoft Flow with button click

Or you can refer to the following situation:

How to Trigger an action on SharePoint online sub site creation?


It seems to me that you want to do something like when a SharePoint site is created...

I believe there is no trigger in Power Automate that will serve you.

You should look for a way how to trigger a ms flow when the button "Create Site" is clicked.

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