I accidentally deleted a column from a list that contained a lot of entered data.

I have no backup of this data, is there any way to recover?

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Deleted columns or the data of that particular do not go to the Recycle bins.

So, if you don't have its backup, then data is lost.

Note: You can create a support ticket with Microsoft and see if they can provide any help regarding data recovery: Contact support for business products - Admin Help.

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If you don't have backup, the data will be lost.

However, you can recreate the same SharePoint column if it is used in some other code: Creating site column with a specific GUID

public static readonly Guid MyFieldId = 
  new Guid("{CC1E421C-29BE-4373-81D0-55D5D64B2E3D}");
public static readonly string MyFieldDefXml =
  "<Field ID=\"{CC1E421C-29BE-4373-81D0-55D5D64B2E3D}\"" +
  " Name=\"MyFieldName\" StaticName=\"MyFieldName\"" +
  " Type=\"Text\" DisplayName=\"My Field Name\"" +
  " Group=\"My Columns\" DisplaceOnUpgrade=\"TRUE\" />";

if (web.AvailableFields.Contains(MyFieldId) == false)

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