I have a list of training course that all have different levels of validy.


course A lasts for 3 years

Course B lasts for 2 years

Course C lasts for 1 year

At the moment I have a column with the course date and a column (valid for) with the number of years valid ( as per above).

My calculated expiry date field is Course date + valid for.

However it is treating the valid for number as days not years.

Is there a workaround to this? your help would be much appreciated.


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Create a new calculated column in your list and use below formula:

=DATE(YEAR([Course Date]+[Valid for]),MONTH([Course Date]),DAY([Course Date]))


  1. Assuming Course Date is of Date & Time type and valid for is of number type column.
  2. Return the data type of your calculated column as Date & Time.

official documentation:

Calculated Field Formulas.

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