Am I missing something in this message?

Database [CentralAdmin] contains a site (Id = [GUID], Url = [/]) whose url is already used by a different site, in database (Id = [Different GUID], name = [Content_Root]), in the same web application.

CentralAdmin db is the db for the Central Administration site which is its own web app.

Content_Root db is the db for the root site on our client facing sharepoint web app which uses Host Named Site Collections

Both DBs have a root site with different url's, however when looking at Central Admin's Site Collection List (_admin/SiteCollections.aspx), the firt URL in both web app's is '/' on the left but is unique on the right details display (where it shouws URL, Title, Description, etc)

Host named site collections do not use alternate access mappings and I have been hesitant to add one for the root sites since there is no word from MS on using AAM for root sites of web apps that are used for host named site collections.

I would like to resolve this issue prior to installing a CU that is needed in order to avoid a possible failure of the psconfig.

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