We are having SharePoint 2016 (SP16) & Office Online Server (OOS) behind a reverse proxy (ARR) on-premises and offloaded SSL (ssl certificate installed on the reverse proxy only).
However, when users open files from SP16, there are 2 problems:

  1. Warning: "Only secure content is displayed" > have to click "Show all content".
  2. Subsequent requests sending from clients to oos.myexternal.com (proxy) are in both types HTTP & HTTPS instead of only HTTPS.

Please help to advise if anything wrong from the following details or additional configuration required on the proxy. Thanks.

InternalURL : http://oos.myinternal.com/
ExternalURL : https://oos.myexternal.com/
AllowHTTP : True
AllowOutboundHttp : False
SSLOffloaded : True

SP16 Binding:
ServerName : OOS.myinternal.COM
WopiZone : external-http

*Notes: Understanding the offloading poses an insecure issue but mine's just a shared environment without any sensitive content, also the connections among the proxy & other servers are private. Just want to know configuration to make it work, pls don't discuss the security topic here. Thanks.

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Never, ever offload SSL. This creates an insecure environment passing tokens that are as good as a username and password between SharePoint and OOS. These can be intercepted and replayed.

But you have a mismatch between your WOPI zone on SharePoint and your ExternalUrl on OOS.

  • Thank Trevor for your advice. I've just updated question regarding the security concern. I tried to bind wopi zone to external-https but it's not working also. Appreciate if you can advise what is the correct binding to make it work.
    – Lucio
    Dec 5, 2019 at 4:32

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