I want to archive some old pages from SharePoint Online but unfortunately there is no simple "Download-button" available like the one for the files. Is there a way to download and/or transfer without using PowerShell? If not, what is the best way to get it done via PowerShell?

Thanks in advance.


If you are using classic SharePoint sites, you will be open the site with SharePoint designer.

If you are using modern SharePoint sites, you can use VScode and SPGo extension.


Please note that you require to configure your Remote folders in JSON file to access SharePoint online contents.



You can try one of them

  • Site pages are stored in document libraries, you can download them by opening the library in which they are hosted. For example in the
    default team site of SharePoint the home.aspx page is stored in a
    director called 'Site Pages' if you right click the page name in the library you can 'save target as...' this can then be directed to any location you would like. It will save the page for you.
  • You could also download SharePOint Designer and copy the page out of there.

If you want to make some customization on SharePoint pages, just use SharePoint Designer. You can add custom css, JS, HTML code to it. What is your goal? Would you like to share us a bit more information for downloading .aspx pages?


Classic SharePoint:

I have mentioned two approaches to download/export files/pages/documents. It will support to both modern and classic SharePoint versions

Approach 1:

Update the below URL with your domain and page parameters


Approach 2:

Using SharePoint designer we can export the pages/files. I have attached the screenshot below.

enter image description here

Modern SharePoint:

We have Command bar to download the files/documents/pages in the modern experience. I have attached the screenshot below

enter image description here

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