I've created a library in SP2010 where the primary content type is a Document Set. I would like to display the document sets in a calendar view, but when I go to do so nothing shows up. These document sets are not the built-in Sharepoint Event content types, but they do have start and end date columns, so I would think they could be displayed as a calendar. Any ideas?


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Do you mean you create custom document set content type? What is the parent content type for the document set content type?

Here is a similar issue post for your reference:

Opening document set from calendar in Sharepoint 365

  • I created a custom site-level content type (called Event) from the built-in Document Set content type. I then added this site-level content type to a new library and added the Start Date and End Date columns. So the parent is the Event site-level content type I created...and the parent to that is the built-in Document Set content type.
    – Automan25
    Commented Dec 6, 2019 at 5:16

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