What are the best practices for setting up separate development, QA and production environments for a SharePoint Online Site using the single company tenant?

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In office 365, if you want to create a Dev and QA tenant then you need to purchase few license and create those tenants, but you cannot create Separate tenant from your Production. There are couple of things you can consider:

  • create a trail tenant (30 days free trail) and use it for development.
  • if you have MSDN subscription then you can create a developer tenant free for one year.
  • Buy few license for your developer and Tester and provision new tenant for it.
  • create separate site collections for Dev and QA in your prod tenant, for new features please select targeted release for few users ( put your developer & tester here).

Lastly, in your deve tenant dont use your production domain or urls, it can cause issue for prod tenant.


Office 365 does not have a concept for a development, QA and production environments.

You can either create separate site collection to isolate testing thing by end-users or create a separate tenant altogether. If you were doing this on premise with separate environments, the closest hosting equivalent would be a separate tenant.

According to my research, there is no official documentation in this regard, you can refer to the experience of other users:


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