I've done the requisite searching and couldn't quite find anything relevant for this.

Essentially, the link tracking that SharePoint uses appears to break the 'Views' functionality in a Modern experience. Here's an example link tracker:


Obviously that shouldn't break anything, and I don't think it usually would, because SPO adding that tracking to a link is business as usual.

However every single time I create a navigation link to the AllItems.aspx link, when left-clicked (middle and right are fine) it will add the link tracking, and the views break.

I've put in work around links elsewhere. My 'fix' is to use the site URL, since the list is already the homepage of the site. This is absolutely fine as a fix for the client, because their list is a million years old, and bigger than the sun. They only use the list, and no other site functionality on the site that it's stored on. This bypasses the tracking, and loads the views.

So, I'm questioning myself on this. Is this happening because of the list size/age (pre-modern) and interacting with the link tracking is simply just too much for SPO to handle?

Or is there something else that I've not considered here? I'm not ashamed to not know the answer here, but I'm hoping that I do, heh! Also, I'm not spitting on the client, this is how things go.

Best Eliot


I have tested in my SharePoint Online environment with both




Everything seems to work just fine.

I agree with you that this link shouldn’t break anything, so I think you can pass the idea of “link tracking is too much for SPO to handle”.

What if you test in another site? Or is it possible for you to create a new list in the same site?

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  • Hi, Chelsea, thanks for the response! Sorry, editing, comments are not great here ;-) ... I believe that the key isn't that the Link Tracking (aggregation?) is breaking things, more that nothing has really been done about the underlying problems of large lists. However, I don't think that approaches the incident easily enough. The key here is the client's extremely large list, over 6000 items. That's fine with modern views, but other lists are fine with the tracking, so I think it's a combination. – Eliot at projectfive Dec 4 '19 at 8:52

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