I am able to retrieve the List name of a document library with the following Document Library:


However, I encountered the following error for the following List:


The difference is the additional /Lists/ component in the 2nd URL.

Below is my code snippet, may I know how can I tackle this issue?

$web = Get-SPWeb $baseUrl

$RDlistName ="RecordsDocument"    //success
$FPlistName ="Lists/FilePlan"     //failed
//$FPlistName ="FilePlan"         //failed

$RDlist = $web.Lists[$RDlistName] //success
$FPlist = $web.Lists[$FPlistName] //empty value

Write-host List Name: $RDlist     //success
Write-host List Name: $FPlist     //empty value
  • try with the display name of the "FilePlan" list – Karthik Jaganathan Dec 2 '19 at 5:55

Try to use the PowerShell command below:

$web = Get-SPWeb $baseUrl
$FPlistName ="ListName"
$FPlist = $web.Lists[$FPlistName]
Write-host List Name: $FPlist.Title

Check if it return data. If the issue exists, use the PowerShell command to return all lists and libraries in this web, check if the list exists.

$web = Get-SPWeb $baseUrl
foreach($list in $web.lists){ 
 write-host $list.Title

I think the best way is using url of your list that never change. Your list title can be changed

$webUrl = "http://mySiteUrl"

$listUrl = "/lists/myList"

$web = Get-SPWeb $webUrl -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue;
if($web -eq $null)
     read-Host "cannot access to $($webUrl) push any key to exit"
     exit 0;
Write-Host "connected to $($webUrl) Title $($web.Title)"

$list = $web.GetList([Microsoft.Sharepoint.Utilities.SPUtility]::ConcatUrls($web.ServerRelativeUrl, $listUrl));

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